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European Court of Human Rights OpenData project

The project

The European Court of Human Rights Open Data (ECHR-OD) project aims at providing formatted and standardized open data about the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in order to draw the attention of Data Scientists, Machine Learning practionners as well as researchers on legal analysis and related area.

ECHR-OD is guided by three core values: reusibility, quality and availability.

To reach those objectives,

  • each version of the database and datasets are carefully versionned and publicly available, including the intermediate files,
  • the integrality of the process and files produced are carefully documented,
  • the script to retrieve the raw documents and build the database and dataset from scratch are open-source and carefully versionned,
  • no data are manipulated by hand at any stage of the creation process.


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References and examples

On GitHub

Repository containing the code to rebuild the data from scratch:
Repository containing the code of this explorer:

Where to start?


ECHR-OD accepts contributions under various forms:

  • Reports of misformed or incorrectly processed data,
  • New data sources, provided it can be retrieved or rebuilt from scratch,
  • Visualization and data explorations based on the provided data to enrich the project,
  • Datasets for any type of problems related to Machine Learning, Knowledge Management or Data Science, based on the database,
  • Suggestions, improvement, feature requests or simple questions about the data to improve the documentation.
All contributions must be opened in the GitHub issue tracker to ease the discussions.


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